Tahini Garlic Kale

When I picked up my food share I asked Laurie, AC’s volunteer at the East Village Baker, what should I write about this week and she quickly said Kale. I told her I would, so I am. I first tried Tahini Garlic Kale at Whole Foods and thought it was good. It must be popular because they sell the dressing separately. I did read the ingredients and thought I could do it with fewer items. Depending if you want to make the sauce to fit just one dish or you would like to make it to keep for other dishes it would make a difference on what “1 part” would be. If you want left overs 1 part would be ¼ cup. 4tbs = ¼ cup

Ingredients for sauce
1 part apple cider vinegar (accent liquid)
1 part tamari or shoyu (salt seasoning)
4 parts tahini (fat)
4-6 parts water (liquid)
Garlic cloves to fit you taste.
I recommend going to your higher limits on this. (herb/spice)
Coconut Oil

Tear the kale into bite size pieces and rinse. Add all ingredients for the sauce together in a blender or food processor. If using a food processor you should chop your garlic first. If using a blender you should manually chop your garlic before adding. Blend and taste. Itʼs a sauce so itʼs supposed to be strong!

To cook the Kale, heat a stir fry pan til itʼs smokin hot. Add oil, then quickly add the Kale. Stir continually for 3-4 minutes. Pour a little cold water along the side of your pan for a quick steam. Your pan should be really hot so the water will be gone immediately. Pull out one green and taste. Is it done enough for you. If not keep cooking for another minute. Then add sauce and serve over rice or as a side dish.


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