Soup and Salad

When I picked up my food share today I looked at the lettuce and thought it was
so beautiful I would use it as a wedding bouquet, pop in a little babies breath and
youʼre in business. Iʼm reading this book called An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler.
She was
explaining how a lot of rice turns any amount of anything else into a meal.
Rice, has been my teacher so I wanted to try out and share her rice and lettuce soup.
I changed Tamarʼs recipe a little to fit me. I still want to use the red cabbage and I
thought a few of
you might like an idea on how to make a cabbage salad that isnʼt
cole slaw. Because
the soup is so light and simple Iʼm going to go heavy on the salad
with nuts and cheese.

Lettuce and Rice Soup
1/2 Cup Brown Rice
4 Cups Broth
2 Cup Water
1-2 Tablespoon Red Miso ( Different misoʼs have a stronger taste so add one and then
more if needed)
1 onion
1 spring garlic
½ Cup arugula or parsley
¼ teaspoon Sambal (Chili Paste)
½ Cup shredded lettuce
salt and pepper if youʼd like.

Dry roast your rice in a small skillet and
boil your broth and water in at least a
three quart sauce pan. Larger is fine.
When they are both hot add them together
slowly in case it starts to bubble over.
While the rice is boiling saute the onions,
garlic and arugula in a little olive oil for
about five minutes. Lightly salt the onion mixture.  Then add it to the boiling rice.
The rice needs to be boiling for about 35 minutes total.

When the rice is done take out a little liquid and mix in miso, then add it back in.
Miso should not be boiled. Taste… taste.  If you would like a little kick as I did, add
the sambal.

Put a good handful of shredded lettuce in a soup bowl and spoon soup over it. This
would work with many different greens. Something simple and beautiful about
boiled rice and lettuce. If you donʼt have miso you can use 6 Cups of stock.

Red Cabbage Salad
3 cups red cabbage cored and shredded
1 – 2 ounces goat cheese, blue cheese or gorgonzola
¼ cup walnuts
¼ cup raisins
1 Tablespoon olive oil
2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to fit

Choose a bowl that will fit the shredded cabbage nicely. Mix the oil and vinegar
in the bowl and salt to fit. Put the raisins and walnuts in and mix. Add the
cabbage and toss.  Top with chucks of a good cheese.

In Health,
Lisa F. Ehlers CN.,CH
The Natural Cook Studio of Bend


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