Follow Your Food

Every product that we offer to you, our customer, has a story. It is a story that is complex in relation to the unpredictability of nature, but involves a simple chain of partners to get food from the field to your home. In a world that has become increasingly digitized and efficient, we have lost the nuance of human connection in how we eat. Conventionally, food has been cast to the side as a means to fuel more important work. In the process transparency from producer to consumer has become opaque, if not forgotten altogether. The modern way of translating information about producers far and wide is through a rigorous push for third party and federal labeling. This is by no means a step in the wrong direction, but I would rather hear it from the source, see it with my own eyes. What we strive to do at Agricultural Connections is to help rebuild the “old way”, where people know who grows their food, where they are located, and how it is produced. A critical part of our job in this cycle is to open the doors on the whole process and introduce transparency once again. As a part of that professional charge, we introduce a new ongoing story, “Follow Your Food”. Here we will try and present the history of one product every week, and follow its journey from the land to the plate, including the care and work of the individual producer who made it possible.  There is a great book titled “One Straw Revolution”, in which author Masanobu Fukuoka focuses on the philosophy of farming and humanity’s connection to nature. One of his more quoted lines from the book is “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” While perfection is a strenuous goal, it is nice to know that we are all engaged in bettering ourselves, the community and the land through how we choose to to eat. For that I thank you.

Stay tuned for information about the origins of the local food you choose to purchase through Ag Connections.



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