Follow Your Food: Story Hill Farm

Earlier, over the weekend, we put up a quick Instagram post after a farm visit out to Story Hill Farm. The operation is set up just east of town, off of highway 20 and is a beautiful set up from both a sustainable and aesthetic perspective. The farmer, Jack, just recently discovered his passion for farming, last year was just his first in operation, but his love for food and land has grown rapidly. Since it was new to the industry last year, Story Hill tested its growing methods to see what sort of yields were possible before entering into local markets. Needless to say, it was a wild success, and his greenhouses were overflowing with a verdant bounty of greens and fruits all through the latter end of the warm winter. Since he had not expected such expedient success, Jack had nowhere to sell his crop. To fix that, guess what, he just began giving produce away! Well now Jack knows what his land is capable of, and has approached us and offered to sell through Ag Connections.

At first we are going to just be selling his eggs. As a cornerstone protein in most diets, sustainably raised eggs are of critical importance. Story Hill’s chicken’s certainly provide just that product. All of his hens live in large houses, with open access to ample forage. What they cannot find from the earth, Jack supplements with Scratch and Peck feed. This feed is soy free, GMO free and grain based, with all of the grains coming from Pacific Northwest farms. But eggs are not the only story here. Story Hill has hundreds of seedling starters underway in a shaded greenhouse. Soon they will be transferred over to his raised beds. In slight variation to traditional bedding, Jack uses straw bails to elevate the soil, serve as a secondary growing medium and provide a carbon source. The straw is topped with compost from his farm, which serves as the organic soil horizon and the primary bed surface. In pursuit of water conservation, all of his greenhouses and raised beds are irrigated with drip lines. It is awesome to see what can happen in a short time with hard work and passion! Take a look at the video below for a visual tour through the operation:



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